Volume 21 Issue 2 - 2012

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138-140 Editorial: Southern theory: Health in the periphery
Julie Henderson
141-155 Towards a holistic understanding of poverty: A new multidimensional measure of poverty for Australia
Emily Joy Callander, Deborah J Schofield, Rupendra N Shrestha
156-164 Health, wealth and poverty in developing countries: Beyond the state, market, and community
Franklin Obeng-Odoom
165-179 Strengths and challenges for Koori kids: Harder for Koori kids, Koori kids doing well Exploring Aboriginal perspectives on social determinants of Aboriginal child health and wellbeing
Naomi Priest, Tamara Mackean, Elise Davis, Elizabeth Waters, Lyn Briggs
180-195 Aboriginal perspectives of child health and wellbeing in an urban setting: Developing a conceptual framework
Naomi Priest, Tamara Mackean, Elise Davis, Lyn Briggs, Priscilla Pyett, Elizabeth Waters
196-207 It hinges on the door: Time, spaces and identity in Australian Aboriginal Health Services
Tanisha Jowsey, Laurann Yen, Nathaniel Ward, Justin McNab, Clive Aspin, Tim Usherwood
208-219 Intercultural communications in remote Aboriginal Australian communities: What works in dementia education and management?
Kerry Taylor, Melissa Lindeman, Kylie Stothers, Karen Piper, Pim Kuipers
220-231 New age orientalism: Ayurvedic 'wellness and spa culture'
Nazrul Islam
232-241 From poverty to poor health: Analysis of socio-economic pathways influencing health status in rural households of Ghana
Prince Osei-Wusu Adjei, Daniel Buor
242-250 The determinants of female circumcision among adolescents from communities that practice female circumcision in two Nairobi informal settlements
Netsayi Noris Mudege, Thaddaeus Egondi, Donatien Beguy, Eliya Msiyaphazi Zulu

Book Reviews

251-252 Making disease, making citizens: The politics of hepatitis C
Suzanne Fraser and Kate Seear
Reviewed by Deborah Lupton
252-254 Consumer society: Critical issues and environmental consequences
Barry Smart
Reviewed by Eric L. Hsu
254-255 Medical proofs, social experiments: Clinical trials in shifting contexts
Catherine Will and Tiago Moreira (Eds)
Reviewed by Matthew Meyer
255-256 Valuing care work: Comparative perspectives
C Benoit and H Hallgrimsdottir (Eds)
Reviewed by Sharon Lawn

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Reconstructing Health Knowledge
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