Health Sociology Review

Health Sociology Review

An international, scholarly peer-reviewed journal, Health Sociology Review (ISSN 1446-1242) explores contributions of sociology, anthropology and sociological research methods to understanding health and illness; public health; health and culture; health policy, promotion and practice; health equity, social justice, social policy and social work.

Health Sociology Review's readership includes health sociologists, medical anthropologists, rural and environmental health researchers, cultural studies researchers, health policy and social work researchers, public health, community health and health promotion researchers, psychologists, counsellors, mediators, child and family studies, primary health, mental health, nursing and medical researchers.

Published in collaboration with the The Australian Sociological Association.

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Health Sociology Review publishes original theoretical and research articles, literature reviews, research methodologies, special issues, symposia, commentaries and book reviews.

Special issues are also released as books with their own ISBN and eISBN for use as course readers or separate sale to non-subscribers. Evaluation copies of all special issues are available on request to Course Coordinators and Collections Librarians. Special issues are available online under their eISBN on a PPV, sale or multiuser lease from eBook Library to institutions and from to individuals. Potential Guest Editors are invited to contact the Publisher with proposals for special issues. Proposals should be grounded in the sociology literature. 

Submit though Scholar One. Contributors should follow Health Sociology Review Author Guidelines.

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Advances in Health Sociology

Health Sociology Review special issues are available separately in hard and electronic copy at discounted rates for new library collections by ISBN and eISBN. Special issues are available as an annual subseries: Advances in Health Sociology (ISSN 1836-4993). Librarians are invited to contact eContent or a major subscription agent for consortia, multicampus and multiuser discounts. See right column on this page for Title and article abstracts of special issues in this series.

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Health Sociology Review is available as an 'online plus print-on-demand' subscription. Current prices are indicated under Subscriptions. Institutional subscribers receive mutiuser access to current and back issues online. Supplementary print copies may be ordered directly from the publisher. Consortia, multicampus, multiuser licenses and single user password access may be arranged by subscribers through their subscription agent or with the publisher. Online access is available to subscribers through infomediaries: EBSCOhost, SwetsWise, CNPIEC and CELDES.

Discounted hard copy subscriptions are available to TASA members.

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Special Issues

Longevity: Sociological perspectives on health, illness and service provision
Volume 23/1
Summary | Contents

Lifestyle Science: Self-healing, Co-production and DIY
Volume 22/1
Summary | Contents

Culture, Death and Dying with Dignity
Volume 21/4
Summary | Contents

Transformations in Health Care: Privatisation, Corporatisation and the Market
Volume 20/3
Summary | Contents

Mental Health and Illness: Practice and Service Issues
Volume 20/2
Summary | Contents

Men's Health
Volume 19/4
Summary | Contents

Food, ethics and identity
Volume 19/3
Summary | Contents

Sociology, Recreational Drugs and Alcohol
Volume 19/2
Summary | Contents

Ageing, Anti-ageing and Globalization: Transitions and limits in the governance of ageing
Volume 18/4
Summary | Contents

Expert Patient Policy
Volume 18/2
Summary | Contents

Social Determinants of Child Health and Wellbeing
Volume 18/1
Summary | Contents

Integrative, Complementary and Alternative Medicine: Challenges for Biomedicine?
Volume 17/4
Summary | Contents

Community, Family, Citizenship and the Health of LGBTIQ People
Volume 17/3
Summary | Contents

Re-imagining Preventive Health: Theoretical Perspectives
Volume 17/2
Summary | Contents

Death, Dying and Loss in the 21st Century
Volume 16/5
Summary | Contents

Social Equity and Health
Volume 16/2
Summary | Contents

Medical Dominance Revisited
Volume 15/5
Summary | Contents

Childbirth, Politics and the Culture of Risk
Volume 15/4
Summary | Contents

Revisiting Sexualities and Health: Contributions from Sociological Insights
Volume 15/3
Summary | Contents

Closing Asylums for the Mentally Ill: Social Consequences
Volume 14/3
Summary | Contents

Workplace Health: The Injuries of Neoliberalism
Volume 14/1
Summary | Contents

Rural Health Symposium: Patients and Practitioners
Volume 13/2
Summary | Contents

Symposium on Women's Health
Volume 13/1
Summary | Contents

Symposium on Women's Health: Breast Health - Health and Ageing
Volume 12/2
Summary | Contents

Symposium on Indigenous Health and the Contribution of Sociology
Volume 10/2
Summary | Contents

Research Funding
Volume /

Research Methodology: Theory and Practice
Volume /

Reconstructing Health Knowledge
Volume / - The citation linking backbone

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